The HOOPS Basketball Game Promotional Premium

It is no secret that BASKETBALL is well on its way to becoming the number one sport in the world. The HOOPS interactive basketball game is specifically designed to tap into the massive popularity of basketball, making its world-wide appeal available to creative marketers in a wide variety of marketing and sales promotion applications. 

It is also available in single quantities for home or institutional use.

Besides having enormous appeal to players of all ages and abilities, the games are durable, easily transported and set up, economical, and offer many opportunities for customized graphics and sounds.

We have supplied many thousands of these games for use by international companies, large and small, in "dealer loader" programs and other sales incentive promotions. They also work extremely well as the centerpiece for exciting consumer motivating "in-store" or "in-arena" promotions, where the large, highly visible backboard makes a perfect vehicle for powerful product, brand or team identification.

Often these results can be combined. For instance, the games can be offered as prizes in connection with a skill-oriented tournament, or awarded to a consumer in a registration-card drawing. The games are a highly sought-after prize, and even after leaving the store, continue to sell brand awareness or team loyalty in the home of the lucky winner.


  • Durable construction
  • Electronic scoring
  • fun players of all ages and abilities
  • Easy shipping and set-up
  • Available in large quantities
  • Economical

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