RADAR  2000
Sports Radar for the 21st Century


Designed specifically for inflatables and sports game cages.
The new RADAR 2000 system is the fourth generation of radar speed measurement systems from ADASTRA.  It has been specifically designed for use with interactive inflatable games and other sports game cages and booths. (Please note that this system is not an adaptation of a hand-held “radar gun”.)

RADAR 2000 has many new features which translate into real benefits for operators of radar-based skill games.  All these features are integrated into one self-contained unit.
Newest K-Band radar technology Accurate, reliable, and physically small.
 Special electronics to “tune out” interference.
4” UltraBright LED Display Easily read in bright sunlight over 50’ away.
 Display can be up to 30’ from antenna.
Flexible, easy set-up Antenna mounts on standard photo tripod.
 Display works in Pelican box, hangs up,
 or can be mounted on a photo tripod
Simple, automatic operation Always on, continuously displays last reading. 
 (No aiming, triggering, or resetting.)
AC or Battery Powered Uses any standard AC voltage, 85-264 VAC.
 Runs over 48 hours on a 12 V car battery.
Completely Weatherproof No weather worries, even operates in the rain.
 Comes in a rugged, waterproof “Pelican” box.


Use display in Pelican Box, or hang up by itself

Display can attach to standard photo tripod.

Use D-rings to hang up or bungee to column.

All components fit inside rugged, waterproof Pelican box.

(Note: tripods are not supplied.)


Radar Frequency K-Band
Display Type  2 ½ digit, 4” high ultrabright LED
Display Panel size 9 ¼” X 7 ¼” X 1 ¼”
Display Panel weight 28 oz.
Antenna Mount Standard ¼ : 20 photo tripod mount
Power requirements 84 – 264 VAC, 47 to 440 Hz, 5w, or 12 – 13.8 VDC @ 350 mA
Accuracy +/- 1 MPH
Warranty    1 year from date of purchase.
(excludes damage from misuse)

1 year parts and labor warranty
Tripods not supplied, please buy locally
30 day money back “satisfaction guarantee”